University Of Bahr el Ghazal

Congratulations to CMHS Graduated Students who have been awarded with Scholarships in Ethiopia

The University of Bahr El Ghazal media department is pleased to congratulate the Nine graduated students from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences including the former Teaching Assistant at the college on being awarded with numerous scholarships in various specialist programs in higher education institutions in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, after Passed the entrance exam in Juba held from 16th to 19th of August 2023.
They were awarded among other 30 South Sudanese Medical Doctors.

Following are the scholarship winners with their assigned field of specialization:

1. Emmanuel Mayom Makur – General Surgery
2. William Akot Mayen Akuoc – Internal Medicine
3. Awadia Anthony Deng – Internal Medicine
4. Young Bosco K Ohuru – General Surgery
5. Justin Fitia Wani – Obstetrics and Gynecology
6. Michael Koang Wal – Obstetrics and Gynecology
7. Deng Mabior Deng – General Surgery
8. Paul Maring Sebit Samuel – Internal Medicine
9. Juma Ejidio Kasmiro Arkadio – Anaesthesiology CC and Pain Med.

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