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University of Bahr el-Ghazal, the institution of execellence

Our History

Bahr el Ghazal University is situated in Wau town, the capital of
Western Bahr el Ghazal State. Historically, the town was the capital of Bahr el
Ghazal Region. In 1993 as part of
implementation of federal system in
Sudan, the region was divided
into four states: Western Bahr El-Ghazal with it Capital –Wau, Northern Bahr El-Ghazal with
its Capital- Aweil, Warrap State with its Capital – Kuajok and Lakes State with
its Capital – Rumbek.
In 2015 after the independence of South Sudan, the
country was divided into 28 state in which the former region of Bahr el Ghazal
was further re-dividedinto ten states and Wau became the capital of Wau state.


MIssion, Vision & Values

The University is striving to provide quality tertiary education through which we can transform and place this great nation into straight pathway of development and prosperity. We experienced a slowdown in most of our programmes immediately after the independence of South Sudan as most of the University staff members remained in Sudan. However, the resilience of our existing staff members, their zeal and determination made it possible to surmount most of the challenges we faced within a relatively short time. Today, the University is recovering its strength and it is much stronger than when it was two years ago.

Our Objectives

University of Bahr el Ghazal is one of the leading higher educational institutions in the country. Its main mission is knowledge construction, enhancement, teaching and dissemination within the framework of national and Higher Education, Science and Technology policies. It aims to serve the nation and develop its resources. It therefore works to achieve the following goals and objectives:

1- Affirmational identity through its approved and taught curricular.

2- Conduct scientific research and studies in order to provide crucial information for the government at the national and state levels for better decision making, capacity building and provision of better services to the citizen in various fields.
3- Encourage research within the context of South Sudan in general and Bahr el Ghazal region in particular, in order to address communities’ issues, improve living standard and connect the graduates and researchers with their localities by enriching their knowledge about its environment, wealth, exploited and residual resources.
4- Works to trained and address the needs of local communities within the region for qualified technicians and mentors and to build their intellectual capacity in various fields.
5- Work to revive and develop Soudan Sudanese heritages at the national and Bahr El Ghazal region to reflect diversity of cultures and languages within overarching unity.
6- Adoption of national projects in collaboration with other Higher Education institutions in order to develop a common understanding on issues of national concern with the aim of strengthening national unity and social integration.
7- Exchange of experiences and expertise with other universities within and outside the country to build capacities and enrich the university experiences.
8- Accentuate and to build interest on technical disciplines in various fields and to graduate qualified intermediary cadre whose number matches the needs in those areas.

Main Governing Body

UBG Senior Management Team.


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Popular Courses Offered At the University

The most popular courses we offer at University of Bahr El Ghazal.

Agriculture Courses

Agriculture and forestry are the backbone of South Sudan economy. The total area of 684,051 square kilometres of South Sudan is fertile for crops production for natural growth of pastures for livestock and wildlife.

Economics & Social Studies

In South Sudan many basic institutions and capacities have not existed for decades beyond the most rudimentary level. At the same time local communities and private sectors have demonstrated considerable capacity to survive under the most difficult conditions.

Medicine & Public Health

Training programmes for doctors and professional and research project and community extension visits. The college connects training with social cultural and economic situation of the country through development of marked curriculum.

Postgraduates Courses

The concept for the establishment of the college of Graduate studies and scientific research in the University of Bahr El Ghazal began in 1998. It was officially launched in 2000, when the university graduated several batches of undergraduates from colleges of Education, Veterinary Science and Medicine and Health Sciences.

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